Paradigm Shift Central

A real world interactive game to help assist in the shift in consciousness.

A portal for conscious media and a real world interactive game to assist in the shift.


Real world quest items for evoking synchronicity, sparking conscious conversations,
 planting seeds, building community, and hacking the matrix with love.
Incredibly valuable tools for any Shifter.

Add +3 Synchronicity
Grants Shifter Additional Casting Ability

Item Info:
Shift Buttons contain specific symbols and art to evoke conscious remembrance, conversation, and synchronicity. Each button contains a link to the Paradigm Shift Central website and all of the conscious media within it. Thus each button is a portal for that person to explore and learn about more conscious themes while also being invited to be a part of the project. Shift Buttons are great for wearing in public so that other Shifters can recognize you, for sharing as gifts, leaving for people to find synchronistically, and much more. 

Shift Buttons are incredibly effective for planting seeds, starting new friendships, building community, and creating new reality portals. Their potential is increased when given as gifts and/or combined with Free Hugs tactics. They can  also be used in person as energy exchange for financial donations or other good and services. An incredibly valuable tool for any Shifter that will always provide them with additional Shiftivism opportunities in any social situation on their quest.

**** Perk Upgrade Available - Add +25% Bonus to All Orders *****

Tutorial Video: Ways to Use Shift Buttons to Hack the Matrix


The Shift is Us.